Lenovo System x3500 M5

Lenovo System x3500 M5 Standard SET
Intel Xeon 6 Core E5-2609v3 1.9Ghz/1600Mhz, 15MB L3 Cache 
8GB TruDDR4 Memory (1Rx4, 1.2V) PC4-17000 CL15 2133MHz LP RDIMM 
(8 bays Hot-Swap 2.5" SAS/SATA Standard) 
ServeRAID M1215 12 Gbps RAID controller : Support RAID 0, 1, 10 
4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports (RJ-45) 
2 x 750W Hot-Swap, Redundant Power Supply 
Tower Mode











Standard Processor = 1 
Maximum Processor = 2 

Memory : 
Standard : 8GB TruDDR4 Memory (1Rx4, 1.2V) PC4-17000 CL15 2133MHz LP RDIMM 
Memory Maximums : With LRDIMMs: Up to 1.5 TB with 24x 64 GB and two processors (planned) 
: With RDIMMs: Up to 384 GB with 24x 16 GB and two processors 
Maximum DIMM sockets : Up to 24 DIMM sockets (12 DIMMs per processor). 
RDIMMs and LRDIMMs are supported. Memory types cannot be intermixed. Memory speed up to 2133MHz. 

System Form Factor : 
Tower or 5U Rack 

Hard Disk Controller : 
Support SAS & SATA 2.5" SFF Hot-Swap disks 

Hard Disk Bays : 
Up to 32x 2.5-inch hot-swap SAS/SATA HDDs, 
or up to 12x 3.5-inch hot-swap SAS/SATA HDDs or SSDs. 
3.5” and 2.5” drive packs can be mixed. 
6x 3.5-inch simple-swap SATA HDDs available via CTO only. 
Two 5.25-inch drive bays for optical or backup media drives. 

Onboard RAID Controller 
ServeRAID M1215 SAS/SATA Controller has the following specifications: 
- Eight internal 12 Gbps SAS/SATA ports 
- Up to 12 Gbps throughput per port 
- Two internal mini-SAS HD connectors (SFF-8643) 
- Supports connections to SAS/SATA HDDs and SSDs 
- LSI SAS3008 12 Gbps RAID on Chip (ROC) controller 
- Support for RAID levels 0, 1, and 10 standard; support for RAID 5, 50 with optional FoD upgrade 
- Zero Controller Cache, no battery/flash backup 
- Optional support for self-encrypting drives (SEDs) with MegaRAID SafeStore (with RAID 5 upgrade) 
- Fixed stripe size of 64 KB 

Optical drive : 
No Floppy Disk 

Ports : 
Front Ports : Two USB 2.0 ports 
Rear Ports : Four USB ports (two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0), one DB-15 video, 
one RJ-45 systems management, four RJ-45 GbE network ports, optional serial port. 
Internal Ports : Two internal USB 3.0 ports (for embedded hypervisor and internal tape drive) 
Optional SD Media Adapter. 

Keyboard / Mouse : 
USB Keyboard / Mouse 

Video : 
Matrox G200eR2 with 16 MB memory integrated into the IMM2.1. 
Maximum resolution is 1600x1200 at 75 Hz with 16 M colors. 

PCI Slots : 
Up to seven slots with two processors and four slots when one CPU is installed. 
All slots are PCIe 3.0 slots. Slots 3 and 6 support double-wide GPUs 
Slot 1: PCIe 3.0 x8 (x8 wired); full-height, half-length Slot 2: PCIe 3.0 x16 (x8 wired); full-height, full-length 
Slot 3: PCIe 3.0 x16 (x16 wired); full-height, full-length 
Slot 4: PCIe 3.0 x8 (x8 wired); full-height, full-length 
Slot 5: PCIe 3.0 x8 (x8 wired); full-height, half-length (requires 2nd CPU) 
Slot 6: PCIe 3.0 x16 (x16 wired); full-height, full-length (requires 2nd CPU) 
Slot 7: PCIe 3.0 x16 (x16 wired) full-height, full-length (requires 2nd CPU) Ports 

Power Supply Units : 
2 x 750W Hot-Swap, Redundant Power Supply 
(High Efficiency Platinum AC power supplies) 

System Management : 
UEFI, Integrated Management Module II (IMM2.1) based on Renesas SH7758, 
Predictive Failure Analysis, optional light path diagnostics panel with upgrade kit, 
Automatic Server Restart, ToolsCenter™, IBM Systems Director and Active Energy Manager. 
Optional : IMM Advanced Upgrade for remote presence. 

Operating Systems supported : 
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, 2012 and 2008 R2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7, 
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, VMware vSphere 5.1 and 5.5. 

Warranty : 
3 Years On-Site Warranty, 4Hrs response, 24x7 by Lenovo (Thailand) 

Dimensions : 
Width: 218 mm (8.6 in), depth: 684 mm (26.9 in), height: 423 mm (16.6 in). 

Weight : 
39.8 kg (87.7 lb) fully configured, 25 kg (55.1 lb) minimum configuration