Auluxe E3

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Wave to

your favorite musician

The Auluxe E3’s industry first gesture control technology immerses you completely in the music. With a simple wave of your hand the Auluxe E3 responds to your commands.


Now, you control the music-no buttons, no fuss. With crystal clear highs, powerful bass,and the latest wireless streaming technologies, the Auluxe E3 gives a front row seat toyour favorite concerts, in any room, any time. The music is in your hand.

Anywhere, Any Room, Any Song

DJ your cocktail party with total wireless multi-room freedom.

Download free Auluxe APP and control all your E serie sdevices from your smart interface,

streaming 1 song in all rooms, or up to 10 different songs in every room.

Powerful Auluxe APP

Through the free Auluxe APP, unite and host the Auluxe E3 family devices all together.

Select to stream from your favorite internet music services, internet radios or pocket list

from smartphone, and even wake up every morning to your favorite playlist from your Android devices.

Versatile Connectivity

Rock-solid Wi-Fi connection works perfectly with all devices.

Desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone support and more for both Apple and Android enthusiasts.

We make it easy to set up with all your connections and listen to HiFi resolution audio.

Music Service and

Internet Radio Stations.

The Auluxe E3 makes finding and playing your favorite music effortless.

Millions of songs are waiting for you via your preferred internet music services.

All you can enjoy via Spotify, Tune In, Rhapsody net radio… all music services from web.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Song.

Streaming HD Music,

Direct from Musician.

Enjoy studio quality sound with high resolution audio. 

The Auluxe E3 is the perfect choice for hearing the newest streaming formats.

Now you can hear high resolution music, in all it’s subtle nuances, just as the artist intended.

Powerful presence,simple elegance.

Function and form combine to make the Auluxe E3 your home’s

entertainment centerpiece.

The elliptical shape creates one of the best sounding speakers possible,

increasing the breadth and depth of the music, reducing distortion for a clear,

life-like image. With its ebony glass top, rich colored wood base,

and hi-end isolation feet,

it’s also the perfect addition to your home décor.

Supreme Sound in a Compact Size

The Auluxe E3’s 2.1 system offers supreme Hi-Fi audio designed for the audiophile in mind.

Producing 60W power output from 5 driver units, Enjoy crisp vocals and complex melodies from 2 hi-end full range drivers.


Impressive highs add to the harmony while powerful bold room-filling bass adds impact and drama.

All this from a compact system you have to see -and hear -to believe.

Now you can listen to music that’s closer to the real studio recording or live performance

than ever before with HD music ( up to 192kHz / 24bit ) playback support.

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